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What Different Websites Say about "The Mobile Pub"? Read Below some Articles:

Connecticut’s Mobile Pub

This is not your parent’s Shasta trailer. The two owners of “The Mobile Pub” are Marco Marcelo and Thomas Keane. A year and a half ago they decided to deck out a 1962, 14-foot Shasta caravan with a full bar including Connecticut craft beers and haul it around the state for weddings and other events. It’s so popular, they’re buying two 1960’s Shasta’s to head out on the highways.

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Local Chatter: Connecticut’s Mobile Pub Brings the Party to the People

When Marco Marcelo and Thomas Keane arrive, they bring the party. That’s because they’re driving The Mobile Pub, a 14-foot 1962 Shasta Caravan, that has been meticulously converted into the state’s first mobile bar. The Mobile Pub, based in Waterbury, Connecticut, offers a full-service bar…

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The Mobile Pub Is Providing A Truly Unique Experience To The Food Truck Industry

The food truck industry is filled with amazing concepts. From hamburgers to lobster tacos, this industry really does have it all. Every now and then, we see a new concept that just blows us away. A concept that is filled with uniqueness, passion, and a whole lot of hard work.

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Eating Connecticut: The Mobile Pub

I’m taking a slightly different path this time because a) The Mobile Pub doesn’t tool around town like an ice cream truck (though that would be pretty amazing!), and b) it’s a little difficult crashing other people’s parties to get a glimpse, after all. But I will be checking them out.

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A Mobile Bar Will Make Your Reception Unforgettable

As pretty much everyone knows, wedding guests come to the wedding to celebrate a couple’s union, but they stay for—and hopefully, rave about—the food and drinks. (Mostly the drinks.) Whether you had a cash bar or open bar, whether you had top-shelf liquor or the stuff…

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